The Great Race Towards Paradise

The Great Race Towards Paradise

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A book signed SANA - imagined by Amine Rahali & Fatima Zeghari Metalbi Through this book, your children will embark on a Great Hassanate Race, alongside Jenna and her brothers Kenz and Tareq. While solving riddles and overcoming challenges, they will discover the good deeds to be done in their lives to go go Heaven insha'Allah.

They will also learn how to defeat Shaitan's traps in their daily lives. Thanks to the advice of Sheykh Othmane, the Sheykh who loves children.

GAMES EVENTS SHEIKH OTHMAN'S ADVICE all through a beautiful story (et non history) full of action and suspense in a comic strip for little Muslims ! You who are concerned about the education, happiness and fulfilment of your children, your little nephews and nieces, your little cousins, your pupils, etc... Bismillah ! With this book, you will certainly make them happy 


Tested and approved by 100% of children and parents !



AUTHOR: Amine Rahali & Fatima Zeghari Metalbi

BINDING: Hardbound


SIZE CM:24x24

PUBLISHER: Librairie Sana

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